About us

Ezkart is the innovative compact shop or micromart designed around an area of 400-700 sqft. with the prime objective of empowering women, and at the same time simplifying lives or make your grocery shopping even simpler. It’s a significant modern retailer for fresh food and groceries. It’s a family business and we are committed to strengthening the communities we serve. The firm is supported by Supermarket Consultants which works under Rightcon Consultancy. We believe women empowerment has the ability to transform individual lives, societies – and our business.

Today, going out to buy essentials has become a real challenge. Consumers are demanding greater personalization or transparency from supermarkets so as to support their health goals and values. Ezkart has been started as an on-demand delivery service where customers can order or shop groceries and essentials from the comfort of their homes, office; or on the move. Our delivery team ensures that your essentials of premium quality reach you at your doorstep on time.

At Ezkart, we are committed to the selling of all home essentials or products that you can trust and value without compromise. Our primary goal is customer satisfaction and hence we never compromise on quality. The size of the retail store is significantly larger and we focus on more sales volume.

With our online channel, we offer you a great convenience of shopping everything that you need for your home – be it grocery, vegetables, fruits, dairy products, household goods, cosmetics, frozen foods & personal care products, all under a single roof. No more hassles of sweating it out in crowded grocery shops or supermarkets.

Our mission is to be the smart supermarket of the future or the most reliable online shopping platform by providing a great convenience and flexibility ensuring a world-class customer experience. Also we create a safe shopping experience for all and offer services that could help you lead healthier lives. With open doors and hearts, we’re eager to welcome you to our stores. Visit our compact supermarket in M.L.A Road, Puthiyakavu when you are in the area or shop online and get all essentials delivered to your doorstep. We believe in helping you to lead a better life and we will together look forward to a new tomorrow!